About Us

IDo HQ was created from a place of love; we love weddings!

We pride ourselves on our commitment to integrity, dedication, and approachability, where no request is too big or too small. We strive to create a seamless journey for you, so you can focus on embracing the love and joy of your special day while we take care of the rest. That said, IDo HQ never lose sight of ‘Your Day; Your Way’. Wether you desire traditional British or multicultural, religious or civil,  budget or lavish, we have experience in delivering all, ensuring your wedding day is nothing short of magical.

Our story

For as long as I can remember, I have loved weddings! From watching ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ as a child, shouting at the bride to not pick that caterer, fantasising about my own wedding as a teen, and more recently researching different types of weddings and cultural traditions. Beginning work as a young wedding planner, I quickly learnt how the wedding industry worked, and the more I understood, the stronger I felt that I wanted to change the industry for the better. I was seeing and hearing from brides and grooms worried, under pressure and money stretched, as they didn’t know how to plan, what to expect or how to budget.


It was time to start out on my own and run a wedding business that started listening and delivering what people really wanted and stop taking advantage of people in the process.  Your wedding is your celebration of love; both the lead up and the day itself should be exciting!


There is a common misconception in the UK that wedding planners are just for the exclusive but this isn’t the case. The average wedding in the UK is worth tens of thousands of pounds, in no other walk of life would anybody spend that amount of money, without seeking expert advice first.  In America, it is common practice for everyone getting married to have a wedding planner/coordinator, to enable them the wedding of their dreams without the stress. That is what I want to achieve here in the UK, to ensure you have value for money, no matter what you have to spend, and allowing every couple their perfect day.


We cannot thank Sarah enough for her expertise and support in every aspect of wedding planning.
Sarah worked well to a small budget showing wedding planners aren't just for super lavish weddings and worked to our less than traditional wedding ideas.
We wouldn't have got through the day without her.

I have worked with Sarah a couple of times now and it's always been a pleasure. Well organised and great communication. Highly recommend.

The best investment!!! Sarah is the most organised, calming and reliable person. She was the best investment we made throughout the whole wedding. Sarah helped with the planning of our week long Arab wedding, held in Morocco.
A huge thank you to Sarah, we wouldn't have achieved our dream without her! You will not regret using IDo HQ as your planners.